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Getting Started with the ESP8266 chip

Are you itching to connect your Arduino projects to the internet? Then this tutorial is perfect for you. In this new series of articles, we explore the well-known ESP8266 chip. Introduction IoT (Internet of Things)[…]

Wireless Technologies for Your Arduino Projects

Circuitrocks has a bunch of wireless technologies available for Arduino wireless communications. Here is a short guide on how to choose the correct one for your projects. Communicating with Arduino Wired communication is essential with[…]

RFID Interfacing: MFRC-522 Reader/Writer Module

Since its inception, RFIDs are never out of trend. Applications for RFID technology include access systems, manufacturing, logistics, inventory management, retail sales and security purposes. Fortunately, it can be interfaced with Arduino as well. Definition[…]

ESP32 LoRa gateway battery optimized

I really love the tutorial written by JP how to use ESP32 Deep Sleep. For the beginners who are not familiar with ESP-IDF and prefer to work with ArduinoIDE (or PlatformIO), I want to take[…]

Circuitrocks SensoWing

Want to make a quick prototype with some sensors and your Feather boards? Then you might stumble over the same problem we did. The Feather system is great as long as you only need to[…]

FreeRTOS: ESP32 Deep Sleep

Learn how to get more battery life out of your projects.

Use your microcontroller’s deep sleep mode to lower power consumption!