RFID Door Lock

DIY door lock system using an RFID module with an Arduino board.

Treemo The Emotion Tree

Overview: TREEMO can detect soil moisture with sensor. You can display tree’s emotion by this device.With the ESP8266 (WIFI dev. kit) you can make your own IoT (internet of things) projects with TREEMO. Circuit Diagram[…]

Wind Anemometer

  If you are interested in creating a DIY Arduino wind speed meter or anemometer to monitor the wind strength in your location, you might be interested in this, This project measures wind speed and[…]

Spidey Quadruped Robot

  Introducing Spidey our (4 Legs spider) Quadruped Robot 3D printedThis robot works wonderfully, you are going to surely complete your project with a nice walking robot in as little as 2 hours. Parts used[…]

Rocky Dancing Biped Robot

Rocky 3D Printed Biped Robot Rocky is more than just a dancing robot toy it is opensource so that others can make it, Arduino compatible, 3D printable and customizable, and therefore,The perfect opportunity to build[…]

Water Turbine Generator

So just how do we get electricity from water? This project converts the energy of flowing water into power, it will light up the LED when water is flowing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6yxk0ZwtPI Parts used for this project:[…]

Announcement Scheduler

Announcement Scheduler So you want to announce a schedule for some product announcements, fun ideas and stories even a weather announcement? We can help you make one!! Raspberry Pi Face Facial Recognition Parts used for[…]

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Smart Blood Pressure MonitorIt should be noted that this device is not designed for clinical applications, however, it is a fun way to learn about pressure sensors and Arduino while creating a functional device applicable[…]

Automatic Water Sprinkler

We all worry about our plants will be thirsty if we leave our home for a vacation or long trips so, We decided to design an automatic watering system to ensure that these plants are[…]