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Learn how to use the products in our store. In this category, you will learn how to operate sensors, displays, and programmable boards for your future electronic projects. Every tutorial includes the source code and wiring diagrams for your convenience. You can order the tutorial materials with a single button on the sidebar. Keep it rocking!

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LED, Resistor, and Switch in Series: A Quick Guide

To try making a simple electronic circuit, you can connect an LED, a resistor, and a switch in a series. This setup is easy to…

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ESP32 NTP Time Synchronization with LCD Display

In today’s interconnected world, precise time synchronization is crucial for various applications. The “ESP32 NTP Time Synchronization with LCD Display” project combines two essential functions:…

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ESP32 DHT Server: Monitoring Temperature and Humidity

The “ESP32 DHT Server: Monitoring Temperature and Humidity” project relies on the ESP32 microcontroller, known for its strong Wi-Fi abilities. Through taking the advantage of…

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Automated Boom Barrier System

The Automated Boom Barrier System is a cutting-edge undertaking that presents a solution to the hassle of access control. At the core of this system…

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Touchscreen Drawing Demo with ILI9341 Display

Creating an interactive drawing demo using the ILI9341 Display is an exciting blend of hardware and software in the world of embedded systems. The goal…

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Temperature Monitoring and Display System

The Temperature Monitoring and Display System is a specially created project in order to carry out the function of real time monitoring purposes of environmental…

Raspberry Pi Price
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Raspberry Pi Price

Raspberry Pi Price – The Raspberry Pi offers exceptional value for the advanced computing power it delivers. This compact computer system offers affordability without compromising…

Arduino UNO Price
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Arduino Uno Price

Arduino Uno Price – The Arduino Uno R3 is the original, reliable, and trusted microcontroller board perfect for all your projects. It has a robust…

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Dynamic Directional & Information Display System

The “Servo Direction Indicator & Message Scroller” has a novel design that integrates mechanical action and digital messaging using a microcontroller-based system. The project combines a…

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Dynamic OLED Animation Display with Arduino

Commencing on a journey to render dynamic visuals that will amaze people of all ages, this guide is meant for both enthusiasts and novices who…