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Learn how to use the products in our store. In this category, you will learn how to operate sensors, displays, and programmable boards for your future electronic projects. Every tutorial includes the source code and wiring diagrams for your convenience. You can order the tutorial materials with a single button on the sidebar. Keep it rocking!

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Simple Keypad Input with Arduino

Simple keypad with an Arduino is a great way to learn about digital inputs and user interfaces. The 4×4 keypad has 16 buttons arranged in…

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Setting Up Your 4-Coin Acceptor

Setting up your 4-coin type acceptor for 1, 5, 10, and 20 Pesos is straightforward. Start by finding the DIP switches on the coin acceptor….

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Traffic Light Circuit

Building a traffic light circuit on a breadboard with basic components serves as an excellent project for electronics enthusiasts. This project introduces the fundamentals of…

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Arduino IR Remote Control Display

An Arduino LCD IR Remote Control Display is where an infrared, remote and LCD combined. Through this, students will get a chance to work with…

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Multi LED and Resistor in Parallel: A Quick Guide

Learning how a parallel circuit works is the initial step in the study of electronics. A parallel circuit is one of the most popular circuits….

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ESP8266 RFID-Based Security System with Servo

The ESP8266 RFID-Based Security System with Servo is a security system. It enables a reliable and customizable solution based on RFID technology and servo motor…

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Arduino TFT Bubble Welcome Screen 3.5

 The “Arduino TFT Bubble Welcome Screen 3.5” demonstrates the usage of a 3.5-inch TFT. Which is easy to understand and implement even for a beginner….

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Blinking LED with Timer Circuit

This project, tittled ‘Blinking LED with Timer Circuit” designed to introduce fundamental electronics concepts. It discusses on how 555 timer IC works interacting with LED and…

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ESP8266 Toggle Lock System

The ESP8266 microcontroller serves as the foundation for the Toggle Lock System, designed to offer a remote-controlled locking mechanism. Utilizing basic electronic components, this system…

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ESP32-CAM Image Capture and SD Storage

The ESP32-CAM is a small board that features a chip paired with a camera, suitable for a project tasks. It shoots and retain high-quality images…