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Learn how to create Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects with our project guides. In this category, you will learn how to build various electronic devices based on our store’s items. You can order the tutorial materials directly with a single button on the sidebar. Keep it rocking!

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ESP8266 Fan Controller and LCD Display

The “ESP8266 Fan Controller and LCD Display” designed to control a fan using a microcontroller. A tactile button is used to turn the fan on…

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Airplane Light Blinker Circuit

The Airplane Light Blinker Circuit involves designing a circuit. It uses basic components like IC NE555, 9v battery, capacitor, resistor and a 5 LED. Eliminating…

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Automated Boom Barrier System

The Automated Boom Barrier System is a cutting-edge undertaking that presents a solution to the hassle of access control. At the core of this system…

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Temperature Monitoring and Display System

The Temperature Monitoring and Display System project is created to carry the function of real time monitoring temperatures. It followed by displaying this information in…

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SIM800l V2 Keeps Blinking Every Second

With my SIM800L v2 module, I was in a dilemma because the network LED kept blinking every second; however, it did not receive any signal…

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Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board – WAV/OGG Trigger with 2MB Flash

A great addition to any project is the presence of audio effects. One of the best ways to integrate sounds into a project is the…

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Face Detection with OpenCV Deep Learning and Raspberry Pi

Exciting times ahead as software advancements let you implement computer vision applications on single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. Today, we explore how computer vision…

raspberry pi security camera
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How to Make a Raspberry Pi Security Camera

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a Raspberry Pi Security Camera. You will learn how to install and use the Raspberry Pi…

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Bring Solar Power Into Your Sensor Project

Quite often, we want to place our sensors at locations where we have no access to a power outlet. The obvious solution is to add some solar panels and batteries to your project to make it run 24h / 7 days a week without the need to recharge it.

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Making Your Own Arduino Using the Atmega328PU

We’ve already tackled the schematic diagram of the famed Arduino UNO. It is now time to assemble it in your own breadboard! Here are the…