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Traffic Light Circuit

Building a traffic light circuit on a breadboard with basic components serves as an excellent project for electronics enthusiasts. This project introduces the fundamentals of…

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Multi LED and Resistor in Parallel: A Quick Guide

Learning how a parallel circuit works is the initial step in the study of electronics. A parallel circuit is one of the most popular circuits….

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Blinking LED with Timer Circuit

This project, tittled ‘Blinking LED with Timer Circuit” designed to introduce fundamental electronics concepts. It discusses on how 555 timer IC works interacting with LED and…

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LED, Resistor, and Switch in Series: A Quick Guide

To try making a simple electronic circuit, you can connect an LED, a resistor, and a switch in a series. This setup is easy to…

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SIM800l V2 Keeps Blinking Every Second

With my SIM800L v2 module, I was in a dilemma because the network LED kept blinking every second; however, it did not receive any signal…

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Joystick Controlled Servo for Arduino

One of the neat projects you can run with Arduino is incorporating a joystick to work in tandem with a servo motor. This allows for…

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Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board – WAV/OGG Trigger with 2MB Flash

A great addition to any project is the presence of audio effects. One of the best ways to integrate sounds into a project is the…

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Getting Started With the OV7670 Camera for Arduino

One of the most exciting projects with an Arduino is giving the project its own eyes, so to speak. Adding a camera to an Arduino…

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Burning Bootloader into Nano CH340

The bootloader is the program burned into an Arduino board and runs the moment the Arduino is powered on or when the reset button is…

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SIM800C with Arduino UNO R3

Here, we take a look at the SIM800C GSM-GPRS-BT Shield by ROHS. We’ll connect the SIM800C module to an Arduino UNO R3 and run a…