Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
It should be noted that this device is not designed for clinical applications, however, it is a fun way to learn about pressure sensors and Arduino while creating a functional device applicable to the real world!
Pressure, also called hypertension, is deadly it can lead to heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure.

Parts used for this project:
1.Arduino Uno

2.Blood Pressure Sensor


char sbuffer[30], ch;
unsigned char pos;
unsigned char read1, read2, read3;
char sys;

void setup(){
  Serial.begin(115200); // Serial is used for output on PCs "Serial Monitor"
  Serial1.begin(9600); // Serial1 is used for serial input from connected sensor
  Serial.println("BP Start reading......");

char mygetchar(void)
{ //receive serial character from sensor (blocking while nothing received)
  while (!Serial1.available());

void loop()
  ch = mygetchar(); //loop till character received
  if(ch==0x0A) // if received character is <LF>, 0x0A, 10 then process buffer
      pos = 0; // buffer position reset for next reading
      // extract data from serial buffer to 8 bit integer value
      // convert data from ASCII to decimal
      read1 = ((sbuffer[1]-'0')*100) + ((sbuffer[2]-'0')*10) +(sbuffer[3]-'0');
      read2 = ((sbuffer[6]-'0')*100) + ((sbuffer[7]-'0')*10) +(sbuffer[8]-'0');
      read3 = ((sbuffer[11]-'0')*100) + ((sbuffer[12]-'0')*10) +(sbuffer[13]-'0');
      // Do whatever you wish to do with this sensor integer variables
      // Show on LCD or Do some action as per your application
      // Value of variables will be between 0-255
      // example: send demo output to serial monitor on "Serial"
      int Sys = (int)(read1);
      int Dia = (int)(read2);
      int Pulse = (int)(read3);
      Serial.print("Sys: ");
      Serial.print("Dia: ");
      Serial.print("Pulse: ");

      Serial.println("BP: ");
  } else { //store serial data to buffer
      sbuffer[pos] = ch;
}// end loop

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