Blynk: Making Your Own Mobile Platform for ESP8266

In this tutorial, we are going to design a mobile platform that displays DHT data from an ESP8266 using the Blynk smartphone application. Blynk Blynk is a smartphone application that connects any hardware to the[…]

MQTT using AdafruitIO and ESP8266

If you’re looking for a lightweight IoT communication protocol, and a server that is completely free that supports it, then sit tight! In this tutorial, we are going to create an MQTT broker using Adafruit[…]

Automate your Life with IFTTT and ESP8266

If this tutorial is what you’ve been looking for, then that is cool! Sorry, I can’t help myself. In this tutorial, we explore IFTTT functions using an ESP8266. IFTT IFTTT, also known as If This[…]

Usiing AT Commands on the ESP8266 - Featured

Using AT commands on the ESP8266

In this tutorial, we are going to explore the pre-installed AT firmware inside the ESP8266. The AT Firmware The AT firmware is a pre-installed software in the ESP8266’s ROM (Read-Only Memory). It uses AT commands[…]