Smart Necklace For Blind

Have you noticed blind people?
Their life is full of risk. They can’t walk without the help of others,
Let’s make something for them,
This smart necklace for blind. Our aim is, it can be cheap and too easy to make. Even a kid can make it easily in a couple of hours from scratch.

Hardware Materials:

First you need the following hardware:

  1. Arduino Uno x 1
  2. Ultrasonic Sensor x 2
  3. Eloctronics Kit LED Resistor 1K 10K 100K 220 1/4W x 1
  4. Arduino Project Enclosure x 1

Sample Video:

Using this Arduino smart necklace, a visually impaired person can walk without anyone’s help. The necklace can automatically detect an obstacle and give the user a feedback response by giving a warning sound thru earphones.

We used an ultrasonic sensor with an Arduino for detecting the obstacle.

It’s cheap and easy to make without the need of much soldering. Now let’s get started!

The technology behind the Arduino necklace is pretty straightforward. There are mainly three blocks behind it: input, controller, and output. The input consists of an ultrasonic sensor that is capable of detecting obstacles in front of it at a range of up to about 13 feet. It is interfaced to the Arduino, which determines if an obstacle is too close to the person and triggers the output. The output consists of s haptic response, and a buzzer.

Interfacing the Arduino

Now it’s time to wire the Arduino! This is pretty easy and doesn’t have any complicated wiring. See the schematics below and carefully connect all parts to the Arduino. I used a mini breadboard to connect the ultrasonic sensor to the Arduino using jumper wires.  You can see the wiring diagram below.

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