Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Arduino

Make your robot sense the world.

If you’re just starting to learn robotics or Arduino, you might be asking yourself, what project should I build first? Well, it’s got to be the obstacle avoiding robot! Maybe, you’ve encountered this kind of robotics project before. But this time, you can create an Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Arduino board and other hardware materials. It’s easy! Just follow our guide below.

Obstacle avoidance in robotics is used to accomplish some control objective which is subjected to non-collision position constraints. This is usually one of the fundamental projects as it is one of the most significant aspect of mobile robotics. Let’s start making our Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Arduino!

Hardware Materials:

First you need the following hardware:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Motor Driver Shield
  3. Mobile Platform 2WD
  4. Ultrasonic Sensor
  5. Servo Motor Mini
  6. Jumper Wires

Coding side:

Two notable libraries were used; NewPing and AFMotor. The NewPing Library is responsible for getting the distance from the ultrasonic sensor easily. On the other hand, the AFMotor lets you control the motor driver shield is an easy fashion.


Here is a sample video on how everything works.

As you may have noticed, the ultrasonic serves as the eyes of the robot. It determines the robot’s proximity. If the robot is close enough to a wall, it would send a signal to the Arduino board to react. Cool, right? The ultrasonic sensor is mounted on a servo motor. The servo motor serves a scanning mechanism to aid the ultrasonic sensor locate the nearest wall.

Just plug in the code and build your robot. You would now have your Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Arduino!

If you have any questions, you can contact us and we’ll try to help. Any suggestions or other projects you want created? Contact us and we’ll create and post them here for you.

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