SIM800C with Arduino UNO R3

Here, we take a look at the SIM800C GSM-GPRS-BT Shield by ROHS. We’ll connect the SIM800C module to an Arduino UNO R3 and run a few AT Commands to demonstrate the functionality of the module. Here, we’ll look at the materials and items we need in order to demonstrate a simple connection between the SIM800C and the Arduino UNO R3.

Materials Needed

1 x Arduino UNO R3

1 x SIM800C

1 x Set of Wires

1 x USB Type B

1 x Computer with IDE Software

Wiring Diagram

Arduino –> GSM-GPRS-BT
5V –> Vcc/Vio
D7 –> Rx
D8 –> Tx


For this example, the only library used is “<SoftwareSerial.h>,” which is used to communicate between the Arduino and the GSM-GPRS-BT Module.



After opening the Serial Monitor, you should be greeted with the following serial messages.

You may then type “AT” in the Serial input bar. If no SIM card is present, a Serial reply of “OK” is expected. If a SIM card is present, the response would be “OK” followed by “Call Ready” and “SMS Ready.”

You may now proceed to input AT Commands. Enjoy!


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