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Learn how to use the products in our store. In this category, you will learn how to operate sensors, displays, and programmable boards for your future electronic projects. Every tutorial includes the source code and wiring diagrams for your convenience. You can order the tutorial materials with a single button on the sidebar. Keep it rocking!

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Automating Shell Scripts and Python Programs Using CRON

There are a couple of reasons you may want to configure the Pi to start programs automatically. And honestly, a lot of projects need you…

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Everything You Need to Know About Linux Root

Learning rudimentary knowledge gives mind-blowing epiphanies. Don’t you agree? In this tutorial, we are going to dissect the root directory of the Raspberry Pi –…

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Getting Comfortable with Linux Text Editors

A text editor is a software that writes and edits simple text. They are useful for uncomplicated writing and word processing. Some of their applications…

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How to Start with the Raspberry Pi (Part 2)

Today we are going to discuss the invisible thing that makes computers, including the Raspberry Pi, work. And ultimately, setting up the Pi for actual…

The Raspberry Pi Starter - Featured
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The Raspberry Pi Starter (Part 1)

This tutorial is all about the Raspberry Pi – a pocket-sized computer that can teach you several computer science technologies, including writing in several programming…

The Arduino Sketch Build Process - Featured
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Understanding the Arduino Sketch Build Process

Ever wonder how an .ino file from the Arduino IDE finds its way to an Arduino microcontroller’s flash memory? In this tutorial, we will try…

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Blynk: Making Your Own Mobile Platform for ESP8266

In this tutorial, we are going to design a mobile platform that displays DHT data from an ESP8266 using the Blynk smartphone application. Blynk Blynk…

ESP-NOW: The Fastest ESP8266 Protocol? - Featured
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ESP-NOW: Peer-to-Peer Communication Between ESP boards

Espressif Systems has developed its own wireless protocol for its ESPx series of chips. It boasts a fast wireless connection without needing to connect to…

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MQTT using AdafruitIO and ESP8266

If you’re looking for a lightweight IoT communication protocol, and a server that is completely free that supports it, then sit tight! In this tutorial,…

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Creating an Adafruit IO dashboard using ESP8266

Gone are the days of plain data visualization! In this tutorial, we are going to create a temperature and humidity Adafruit IO dashboard using NodeMCU….