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Getting Started With the OV7670 Camera for Arduino

One of the most exciting projects with an Arduino is giving the project its own eyes, so to speak. Adding a camera to an Arduino…

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Burning Bootloader into Nano CH340

The bootloader is the program burned into an Arduino board and runs the moment the Arduino is powered on or when the reset button is…

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SIM800C with Arduino UNO R3

Here, we take a look at the SIM800C GSM-GPRS-BT Shield by ROHS. We’ll connect the SIM800C module to an Arduino UNO R3 and run a…

How to Use a Multimeter
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How to Use a Multimeter

Knowing how to use a multimeter is one of the non-negotiables in starting electronics. In this tutorial, you will learn how to measure voltage, current…

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Basic Electronics: Capacitors

Welcome to the third part of the basic electronics series! This time we are going to discuss everything you need to know about capacitors, a…

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Basic Electronics: Resistors

Resistors are an omnipresent component on every electronic circuit. Today, we get to learn more about them, their different types, applications, and proper usage. What…

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Basic Electronics: Current, Voltage, and Resistance

Not everyone in the Arduino craft is knowledgeable in basic electronics. In fact, the majority of Arduino makers are of programming backgrounds. That is why…

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A Complete Guide to Increasing Your Device Battery Life

Circuit design always starts with a question of how to make things work. Engineers grab the nearest development boards, more often than not an Arduino,…

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Taking Off The Training Wheels: ARM

Learn how to use ARM microcontrollers!

feat. STM32 Blue Pill