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Learn the fundamentals of electronics, communications, and programming to get you ahead in the field of embedded development. In this category, you will learn the theory behind our electronic modules to the very last detail. You can order the tutorial materials with a single button on the sidebar.  Keep it rocking!

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Basic Electronics: Capacitors

Welcome to the third part of the basic electronics series! This time we are going to discuss everything you need to know about capacitors, a…

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Basic Electronics: Resistors

Resistors are an omnipresent component on every electronic circuit. Today, we get to learn more about them, their different types, applications, and proper usage. What…

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Basic Electronics: Current, Voltage, and Resistance

Not everyone in the Arduino craft is knowledgeable in basic electronics. In fact, the majority of Arduino makers are of programming backgrounds. That is why…

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Wireless Technologies for Your Arduino Projects

Circuitrocks has a bunch of wireless technologies available for Arduino wireless communications. Here is a short guide on how to choose the correct one for…

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Alora RFM1262 – LoRa Mesh Network

LoRa is a wireless communication known for its long range capability. But what if the distances between sensor nodes are farther than the range you…

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A Complete Guide to Increasing Your Device Battery Life

Circuit design always starts with a question of how to make things work. Engineers grab the nearest development boards, more often than not an Arduino,…

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ESP32 LoRa gateway battery optimized

I really love the tutorial written by JP how to use ESP32 Deep Sleep. For the beginners who are not familiar with ESP-IDF and prefer…

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FreeRTOS: ESP32 Deep Sleep

Learn how to get more battery life out of your projects.

Use your microcontroller’s deep sleep mode to lower power consumption!

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Taking Off The Training Wheels: ARM

Learn how to use ARM microcontrollers!

feat. STM32 Blue Pill

The ESP32, a popular WiFi chip which runs FreeRTOS.
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Taking Off The Training Wheels: FreeRTOS

In this new series of articles, we’ll show you how to level up from the Arduino.

Learn how to use FreeRTOS to write more powerful code for microcontrollers!