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Learn the fundamentals of electronics, communications, and programming to get you ahead in the field of embedded development. In this category, you will learn the theory behind our electronic modules to the very last detail. You can order the tutorial materials with a single button on the sidebar.  Keep it rocking!

Introduction to Python - Featured
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Introduction to Python Using Raspberry Pi

What is Python? Python is the official programming language of the Raspberry Pi. It is known for its two unique characteristics: cross-platform compatibility and easy-to-understand…

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How to Control the Raspberry Pi Remotely

In networking, learning how to control a computer from a distance is akin to a baby’s first steps. It’s the father of the skills a…

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Automating Shell Scripts and Python Programs Using CRON

There are a couple of reasons you may want to configure the Pi to start programs automatically. And honestly, a lot of projects need you…

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Getting Comfortable with Linux Text Editors

A text editor is a software that writes and edits simple text. They are useful for uncomplicated writing and word processing. Some of their applications…

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File Permissions on Linux

The Debian-based Raspberry Pi OS is a multi-user operating system. This makes it easier for developers to collaborate with a project. However, it comes with…

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How to Get Started with Linux Using the Raspberry Pi

The best thing you can learn about Raspberry Pi is Linux. Not only because it is more powerful than commercial operating systems, but it is…

The Arduino Sketch Build Process - Featured
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Understanding the Arduino Sketch Build Process

Ever wonder how an .ino file from the Arduino IDE finds its way to an Arduino microcontroller’s flash memory? In this tutorial, we will try…

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Wired Communication Protocols: SPI

For the final part of the wired communication protocols series, we are going to discuss SPI, also known as Serial Peripheral Interface.

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Wired Communication Protocols: I2C

So far we’ve talked about wireless technologies and UART communications. In this tutorial, we will talk about Inter-Integrated Circuits or I2C. I2C I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuits)…

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Wired Communication Protocols: UART

In this new series of articles, we are going to explore wired communication protocols. It will consist of 3 parts, starting with this one for…