ESP32 LoRa gateway battery optimized

I really love the tutorial written by JP how to use ESP32 Deep Sleep. For the beginners who are not familiar with ESP-IDF and prefer to work with ArduinoIDE (or PlatformIO), I want to take[…]

Greet Your Visitors With a Christmas Song

Feliz Navidad learners! Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to welcome our guests than a fine Christmas song? In this beginner friendly tutorial, I’ll teach you how I made an automated door[…]

Circuitrocks SensoWing

Want to make a quick prototype with some sensors and your Feather boards? Then you might stumble over the same problem we did. The Feather system is great as long as you only need to[…]

The Basic Arduino Schematic Diagram

Get deeper into the Arduino craft by looking into a reference design. In here I will get into details with the basic arduino schematic diagram using one of their more popular development board, the Arduino[…]

Testing a Touchscreen LCD for Raspberry Pi

You don’t have to pull out the big guns in every project you make. Sometimes, a small fry is enough, if not better. This guide features the LCD TFT 3.5 inch 320×480 Touchscreen for Raspberry[…]

FreeRTOS: ESP32 Deep Sleep

Learn how to get more battery life out of your projects.

Use your microcontroller’s deep sleep mode to lower power consumption!

Alora RFM1262

Overview When it is about radio communication, most think about the “famous” RFM95 and RFM96 modules. While these modules are well working and supported, they are based on an older technology from Semtech, the SX1272/SX1278[…]

LoRa Gateway

Part #2 – The LoRa gateway In my other post I made an introduction to Long Range (LoRa) communication. Now let us put this into a practical application. And to make it more interesting we[…]